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"People try to interest me in taking their workshops every day … I ALWAYS SAY NO! I was as shocked as everyone else to find myself in Linda Tracy Jones’ seminar! About 2 hours into the session I understood why … RESULTS! AMAZING, INSTANT RESULTS ... Not only instant results, but respectful of the privacy and value system of the individual."

Teresa M. Flenniken, MA,
Book Store Owner, Salt Lake City, UT

Science!   Quote: "Overall results provide empirical evidence of their effectiveness in that they show statistically significant changes in 100% Of   subjects tested for pre and post measures. In addition, the second post measure (which was obtained  one month after the seminar) suggests that these changes are enduring ... As a point of interest, ... the "p.<.001" reference which appears in all of the results means that there is only a one in one thousand chance of the results being in error due to mere chance.  It is a very good number to have, statistically speaking." :-) Submitted by Sherry Gervais, GSR Technician, B.A. (Honours Psychology, Laurentian University
(Full Study)

I can really see how it [NLT] can be used for dealing with all the issues in my (personal) life … and when working with the following types of individuals and circumstances:
  1. those who express fears, anxieties, trauma feelings about the unknown (e.g. when meeting people from other cultures they are not familiar with).
  2. people who are prone to violence toward particular family members.
  3. individuals who have stressful situations with other family members (e.g. fear, anger, anxiety, etc.).
  4. youth who have unfounded anger toward other ethnic people and cultures (e.g. anger between some French and English Canadian youths as a result of their upbringing experiences, parental examples, etc.).
  5. any situation I find myself in where the person I am working with is wanting to get rid of negative feelings.
     Brenda Seguin, Counselor,                      
    Better Beginnings Better Futures

"The speed at which unwanted habits or behavior can be eliminated is unbelievable! I attended the (San Diego) fall seminar and found Linda to be exceptionally talented and qualified. It is so nice to get rid of the barriers to our happiness and success... this is DYNAMIC work!"

Dr. William E. Lund, San Diego, California

"…"I’m beautiful! said the mirror.""Learning through laughter!!" The "hands-on" experience was excellent! I entered the seminar with some fear of what I’d be able to assimilate, but have a GREAT FEELING now!"

Dr. Marie-Luce Garceau, Department of Social Work,  
Laurentian University

Dear  Bill,

"In response to your request for today’s impact of the NLT course work (1 year later),  I submit the following:
  • I find I have achieved a greater internal ease in dealing with difficult negotiations with people who are angry.
  • I understand other people’s motivations and hidden agendas better, without becoming antagonistic when I discover them.
  • I have become more experienced in using good judgment when faced with difficult or unpleasant decisions because I am able to help the other party to understand the reasons for the nature of the decision. Prior to this instruction the other person’s emotional outcome often clouded my ability to generate a good decision.
  • I am better able to make people comfortable when an unpleasant conversation is necessary by using the listening techniques, mirroring, and installing an (resource state) anchor in the individual.
  • I feel I have a better understanding of the world as it exists and am better able to relate to how it affects myself and other people.
  • That there is still a strong pleasant memory of the course work and the people who were involved in the experience with me. These people and the work we achieved together will remain with me indefinitely.

When involved in an extremely emotional situation the training I received has allowed me in effect to ‘see the forest for the trees’ and be able to respond to the situation in the most appropriate manner.

In summation,  the overall impact to the materiel was to make a significant change in my life for the better. I intrinsically feel I am a more tolerant person now."

Bob Chapman, Senior Manager,
Transportation, Bell Atlantic, New York

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